Why We Love Natural Habitat Adventures

We interviewed Adventure Specialist Lauren Deeley about Natural Habitat Adventures’ extraordinary wildlife experiences.

TDI: Why do you/Nat Hab like working with travel agents?

NHA: First and foremost, we value their commitment to providing great, personalized service to their travelers. Here at Nat Hab, we’re a small company. We still believe that the best way to make sure our travelers have incredible adventures is by getting to know them, and by helping direct them to the nature trips and itineraries that are the perfect fit for them. Working with great travel agents who really know their clients helps us do this even better!

TDI: What are the advantages (if any) to booking your Nat Hab adventure through a travel agent?

NHA: There are absolutely advantages! At Nat Hab, we have dedicated Adventure Specialists that work with each travel agency. This means you have two dedicated individuals whose whole job is to get to know you, your travel style, and how you like to see the world. This means you’ve got double the personal attention!

Polar Bear Adventure - Natural Habitat Adventures
Nat Hab travelers observe polar bears up close on the Classic Polar Bear Adventure.


Polar Bears Nat Habitat
Nat Hab travelers encounter the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears as they gather along Hudson Bay – photo taken on a recent Nat Hab trip.

TDI: For anyone not familiar with the company, how would you describe the Nat Hab experience?

NHA: We travel because we’re happiest when we’re discovering wild places and having authentic interactions with wildlife and the natural world.

Whether that’s getting to sit on the banks of a rarely visited river with just a few other travelers watching wild grizzly bears as they fish and clam, play and spar; being the only safari goers at a sighting of a mother lion teaching her cubs to hunt; or any of the beautiful and powerful wildlife experiences in between; we’re happiest when we’re living these kinds of moments!

Wherever we’re traveling in the world, we facilitate these kinds of nature experiences by pairing incredibly small groups of travelers (the average group size is 10 guests) with some of the most passionate and experienced Expedition Leaders on the planet. Plus, we stay in the most secluded accommodations with the closest access to wildlife we can get!

TDI: Could you please, for anyone who doesn’t already know, elaborate on Natural Habitat Adventures’ relationship with World Wildlife Fund?

NHA: Since 2003, World Wildlife Fund, the world’s leading environmental conservation organization, has partnered with Natural Habitat Adventures to offer conservation travel – sustainable travel that directly protects nature and wildlife. WWF selected Natural Habitat as its travel partner because of our long-standing commitment to conservation and the exceptional quality of our adventures. Learn more about this partnership between Nat Hab and World Wildlife Fund.

TDI: Do you have any stories you’d like to share about working with a travel agent to pull off something amazing for a client? Or even a story about one of your favorite Nat Hab destinations?

NHA: Sure! This is probably our favorite thing to do! So, in addition to our scheduled small group trips, we also plan Custom Adventures! These are private trips just for one group of guests, usually a family or group of friends. On one occasion, I was planning a custom safari to Kenya for a family and one of the family members suddenly became visually impaired. Obviously, this was a big disappointment prior to a safari experience! So…we reworked the itinerary to include a ton of special visits to specific reserves and sanctuaries where the whole family could have full sensory experiences – getting close enough to wildlife to hear, smell, and (in the right situation) feel the animals. It was such a joy to take a tough situation and turn it into an incredible safari experience!

TDI: Are there any specials going on right now that you’d like to communicate to potential travelers?

NHA: Because we value our travelers so much, we typically only run discounts or specials for past travelers as a little “thank you” for joining us on our travels. That said, right now we’ve taken some cancellations and have some rare summer space for adventures to the Galapagos! If you haven’t solidified your summer travel plans yet, this is an amazing first step into the world of wildlife-focused travel! The animals get right up next to you and the environment is incredibly pristine – absolutely one of the most exciting destinations I’ve ever been to.

Visit nathab.com to learn more about Natural Habitat Adventures.

All images/videos in this article are courtesy of Lauren Deeley, Natural Habitat Adventures, and World Wildlife Fund.


Why We Love Norwegian Cruise Lines

We interviewed NCL Business Development Manager Jessica Gafford to learn about the latest in cruising “freestyle.”

NCL Getaway

TDI: Why do you/Norwegian like working with travel agents?

NCL: We are proud to stand behind our travel agent partners, and we keep them top of mind in everything we do. We would not be the cruise company we are today if we did not have such strong trade relationships. When our agents succeed, we also succeed as a cruise line.

TDI: What are the advantages (if any) to booking your Norwegian cruise through a travel agent?

NCL: We keep our travel agent partners in the loop on all things; our agents are always the first to know about new & upcoming promos, new itineraries, and additional changes with our cruise company. Agents also have a close relationship with their BDM [Business Development Manager], who can step in as their advocate and make extra special efforts to appreciate specific guests when needed.

TDI: For anyone not familiar with Norwegian, how would you describe the Norwegian experience?

NCL: Norwegian is all about Freedom and Flexibility. Our freestyle concept allows guest to feel free on their vacation; they can do what they want, when they want to do it. This is truly a vacation on your own terms; no rigid rules and schedules.

TDI: What differentiates Norwegian from other cruise lines?

NCL: We have the youngest and most modern fleet (8.4 average age in 2017). We have also always been the innovators within our cruise segment, providing several Industry Firsts such as:

  • The first service to the Caribbean by any major cruise line;
  • The first private island experience, Great Stirrup Cay;
  • The first kids’ crew program;
  • The first accommodations designed and priced for solo travelers – The Studios;
  • The first oceanfront promenade lined with restaurants and bars – The Waterfront;
  • The first full Broadway productions at sea;
  • The first to offer Dinner Theaters, Cirque, Illusionarium, Manhattan Room.
  • The first ship to offer Freestyle dining – no set dining times, and up to 29 restaurant venues on some of our newest ships.

TDI: Are there any Norwegian specials going on right now that you’d like to talk about?

NCL: Yes! Check out our “Free At Sea” and Hawaii promotions, as well as some deals that expire up to 4/30/16:

Norwegian Cruise Promotion


Norwegian Cruise Hawaii Feel Free

Learn more about Norwegian Cruise Line at https://www.ncl.com/

To learn more about booking your next Norwegian Cruise, please call us at 619-589-6700.

Have you cruised with Norwegian before? Tell us in the comments!

All images in this article are courtesy of Jessica and NCL.