Spotlight: Cindy Newman

Cindy cruise Azamara
Cindy in Eze, France – a port on her Azamara cruise itinerary

Cindy Newman is a Travel Consultant for Kahala Travel. She entered the world of travel in 1980, and has been traveling the world, cultivating relationships with cruise lines, tour operators, and clients ever since.

TDI: What kind of travel do you prefer for your own travels?

CN: My favorite destinations are Italy, Australia, and Israel, and in those places, I like traveling by land and staying in hotels. I like cruises as long as I can experience more port days—the more, the better.

Amalfi Italy Cindy Newman Azamara
Amalfi Coast, Italy, while on an Azamara cruise

TDI: What are some of your favorite destinations to send your clients?

CN: Wherever makes them happy.

TDI: What sort of travel do you find yourself arranging most frequently? What do your clients gravitate towards?

CN: Since I’ve grown with my clients, I’d say mainly cruises, and they gravitate towards longer cruises now.

TDI: In this day and age, why do you believe people should use a travel agent?

CN: We have so many connections with cruise lines, tour operators, and hotels that the average person just does not have. Our connections at Kahala Travel and TravelDesign International have offered the clients onboard credits, upgrades, and immediate notifications if and when cruises drop in price after a client has made a deposit. The latter is an example of the personal touch of a travel agent: a “box company” won’t call you and let you know.

Cindy in Provence, France
Cindy in Provence, France

Cindy can be reached at and by phone at 619-742-0996. All photos in this article were taken and supplied by Cindy. Find her on Yelp here.

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