Why We Love Norwegian Cruise Lines

We interviewed NCL Business Development Manager Jessica Gafford to learn about the latest in cruising “freestyle.”

NCL Getaway

TDI: Why do you/Norwegian like working with travel agents?

NCL: We are proud to stand behind our travel agent partners, and we keep them top of mind in everything we do. We would not be the cruise company we are today if we did not have such strong trade relationships. When our agents succeed, we also succeed as a cruise line.

TDI: What are the advantages (if any) to booking your Norwegian cruise through a travel agent?

NCL: We keep our travel agent partners in the loop on all things; our agents are always the first to know about new & upcoming promos, new itineraries, and additional changes with our cruise company. Agents also have a close relationship with their BDM [Business Development Manager], who can step in as their advocate and make extra special efforts to appreciate specific guests when needed.

TDI: For anyone not familiar with Norwegian, how would you describe the Norwegian experience?

NCL: Norwegian is all about Freedom and Flexibility. Our freestyle concept allows guest to feel free on their vacation; they can do what they want, when they want to do it. This is truly a vacation on your own terms; no rigid rules and schedules.

TDI: What differentiates Norwegian from other cruise lines?

NCL: We have the youngest and most modern fleet (8.4 average age in 2017). We have also always been the innovators within our cruise segment, providing several Industry Firsts such as:

  • The first service to the Caribbean by any major cruise line;
  • The first private island experience, Great Stirrup Cay;
  • The first kids’ crew program;
  • The first accommodations designed and priced for solo travelers – The Studios;
  • The first oceanfront promenade lined with restaurants and bars – The Waterfront;
  • The first full Broadway productions at sea;
  • The first to offer Dinner Theaters, Cirque, Illusionarium, Manhattan Room.
  • The first ship to offer Freestyle dining – no set dining times, and up to 29 restaurant venues on some of our newest ships.

TDI: Are there any Norwegian specials going on right now that you’d like to talk about?

NCL: Yes! Check out our “Free At Sea” and Hawaii promotions, as well as some deals that expire up to 4/30/16:

Norwegian Cruise Promotion


Norwegian Cruise Hawaii Feel Free

Learn more about Norwegian Cruise Line at https://www.ncl.com/

To learn more about booking your next Norwegian Cruise, please call us at 619-589-6700.

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All images in this article are courtesy of Jessica and NCL.


Costa Rica: The WHY

In a previous post, we discussed getting around Costa Rica; now, we’re going to dive into what makes Costa Rica a must-experience destination.

Traveling through Costa Rica feels like falling in love. It’s a visceral feeling that deeply affects all of your senses.

20151115_155717 (1)
Manuel Antonio Jungle, Costa Rica

Visually, everything is huge strokes of blue and green, a million shades of each, with brilliantly colored spots of wildlife wherever you look. The beaches are perfect, with warm oceans and fine, smooth sand. Given where you are, all food is farm to table, locally grown, and the fish are fresh from the ocean. Even the simplest of dishes tastes better. We all know the smell of the ocean, but just combine it with the symphony of aromas of tropical plants. Then add the smell of rain.

Shoreline in Tambor
Shoreline in Tambor, Costa Rica

Whether it’s rain or the ocean, you can always hear water moving. From your room, not only can you hear the roar of howler monkeys and the squawking of macaws and toucans, but also the scampering of monkeys across your roof. Walking down a jungle path, if you look closely enough, you might see a sloth in the branches above. Costa Rica is simultaneously peaceful and bursting with life.

Macaws at a rest stop
Macaws at a rest stop, Costa Rica

Above all, what you take from Costa Rica is how it makes you feel. While you’re there, you feel better. You’re hiking, you’re swimming, you’re zip lining across the jungle canopy, you’re relaxing in natural hot springs and on beaches, and you’re eating healthier, whether you’re trying to or not. Your skin is smoother and younger from the tropical humidity. You’re more relaxed and more active than you’ve been in weeks, possibly months.

Costa Rica

Locals and expats alike have said “Pura vida” to you throughout your trip. It is a Costa Rican saying with countless meanings. For those of us in North America, it signifies a completely different way of experiencing life. It is a way of life thoroughly integrated with one’s natural surroundings. Whether you’re in the jungle or on the beach, you know that you’ve never breathed better air in your life; in fact, you’re in the lungs of the world, where life flourishes and the great majority of our oxygen is produced.

Costa Rica
PuraVida_Fotografie / Pixabay

Whether you want an adventure or time on the beach, Costa Rica merits your consideration. For any questions or comments about travel in Costa Rica, let us know!