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A little about us:

TravelDesign International was established in 1993 in San Diego, CA. We arrange all sorts of travel, be it for independent solo travel or large groups, leisure or business, cruises or active/adventure travel. Over the years, we have established relationships with many loyal customers who value our high level of service, our access to the most exclusive amenities, and our wealth of industry and travel experience.

We are an independent affiliate of Kahala Travel, as well as a member of the Signature Travel Network. As a member of the Signature Travel Network, we can arrange special amenities and concessions at high-end hotels worldwide. When available, these amenities can include breakfast, early check-in/late check-out, resort credit, or an upgrade at check-in.

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So why do we have a blog?

We want you to know us.

In travel, nearly every step of planning—and taking!—the journey is based on trust: travelers rely on the information available to them, and they trust that it is honest and accurate. They read hotels’ websites, they go on TripAdvisor for reviews, and they trust, over and over, that this layover will be a long enough connection, or that country’s water won’t make them sick. As travel agents, we have arranged countless travel plans, and traveled quite a bit ourselves. TravelDesign International has developed valuable relationships with cruise lines, tour operators, airlines, and hotels worldwide; when you are ready to travel, you can trust that your trip has been planned to the tiniest detail, and should something go wrong, we have the resources and experience needed to make it right.

This blog will serve as a place for readers to get to know our agents better, glean inspiration for future travel, and get a much more in-depth look at a travel agent’s effect on travelers’ experiences.

Why Use a Travel Consultant

What sort of content can you expect to find on this blog?

This blog will explore what a travel agency—and in particular, this agency—has to offer travelers in this day and age. We will include:

  • Tips for international travel
  • Highlights (and in some cases, lowlights) of a wide variety of destinations
  • Travel agents’ reflections on the services they have provided clients in these destinations (of course maintaining said clients’ privacy)
  • Travel agents’ experiences on the road
  • The incredible range of options for exploring the world

We hope to be a resource for existing clients and potential clients to start brainstorming their next adventures, and we hope to start a dialogue about your travel experiences and wishes. We want you to interact with us, so please, comment on our posts. Ask us questions. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Tell us where you want to travel, and let us know what you want to see on this blog.